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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us today.
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well, almost 2,000 people in northeast washington may spend another day without power. crews are trying to restore service to customers along north capital street. they set a noon deadline. surae chinn tells us if the power company reached its goal. surae? >> reporter: well, the deadline has come and gone, j.c. no power yet. pepco has not given the word. they said they're going to start re-energizing the system but that could be minutes away from now. so, the clock has struck noon right now. pepco still here. they are feverishly trying to get things back online. pepco was able to turn the power on for about an hour last night. a bit of a tease after it went dark again. >> thank you, pepco. thank you, pepco. getting the house back cool and all of a sudden, it went back off. >> chad murphy was in the shower when it went dark last night. >> i was calling my wife. >> now his electric wheelchair is running on empty.
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>> it is showing full but it will go down to the yellow. i'm almost dead. >> kevin has been living in a hotel not able to get to his third floor apartment since monday. he was supposed to start work this week but his new job at the eeoc is also without power. pepco crews are feverishly working on the repairs. they had fixed it last night when other parts of the cable failed. >> i tried flipping on the lights. i was like no! >> when we talk about some of the cables that are burning, sometimes it is the ductwork that's burning and the cable is inside. >> too much heat along old cables and high demand caused the outage along north capitol street. this is the old cable and this is the new one stretching hundreds of feet down one block and hundreds of feet down another block, more robust and sturdy. it is on the ground and will be put underground to fix the problem. in the meantime... a monster generator is keeping
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the harris teeter running and smaller ones to keep pepco going. >> i'm hoping, i'm praying. i'm definitely praying. that would be great. >> reporter: chad murphy had to come here to charge up his wheelchair. he did. he's on his way home to his dark home. but i'll tell you, pepco is still here. i just talked with the president of pepco. he says a contractor just rolled over a cable and so that caused a problem but they did not meet their deadline today. there are lots of government buildings here, lot of businesses, federal and district buildings all not able to come to work. a lot of them work from home but still not able to get to work and a lot of lost money and revenue here. but we'll see what time they actually get things back online, j.c. >> thank you very much, surae chinn reporting. well, after days of record- setting temperatures, it seems that our temperatures are now
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leveling off. anny hong is here with our forecast. >> hey, j.c. boy, what a difference we're feeling, especially in the air, that humidity now is a lot less. less humid out there. dew points have improved. right now, day planner, 80 degrees by 3:00. we do see some gusty conditions especially surae is live. i can see her hair blowing. northwest winds around 17 miles by 6:00, temperatures in the low 80s. by 9:00, 72 degrees. a nice night to go on a run or take your bike out. temperatures around 83 for d.c. 79 in gaithersburg. lower 80s martinsburg. the dew points almost 30 degrees less compared to 24 hours ago. only in the mid 40s from manassas. 46 in washington. 45 in martinsburg. that's why it feels so much better outside. now, i'll let you know how long this trend lasts with a break from the heat before it warms back up coming up later.
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j.c.? >> all right, thank you very much, anny. >> deadly destruction in massachusetts today after at least two tornadoes hit the central part of the state. the twisters killed four people and injured dozens more. schools are closed and residents are being told to stay off roads as crews investigate the damage and begin the cleanup process. the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> rebuild. we're going to rebuild together because we're all in this together. >> this is the worst tornado to hit central massachusetts since 1953. an investigation is underway into a deadly house fire in frederick, maryland. one person died at a home in the 800 block of east south street. firefighters found the victim on the second floor. two other people in the home were taken to a nearby hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. in d.c., police are looking for suspects in a deadly
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overnight stabbing. it occurred in the 700 block of 24th street northeast. officers found a man with a stab wound to his chest just after 1:00 this morning. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. from his wounds. another big name republican is formally throwing his hat in the ring for the 2012 presidential election. today, former massachusetts governor mitt romney announced his candidacy with a speech in new hampshire. romney says that president obama has failed america. his announcement today focused on economic issues such as a lack of jobs and run away government spending. >> as he watched millions and millions -- >> the business executive said he's then into defeat president obama -- said he's the man to defeat president obama. >> youngsters have a new way to learn how much of what kind of foods they should eat. this morning, first lady michelle obama unveiled the
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food plate. it replaces the food pyramid that many of us recognize. many nutritionists say the pyramid can be confusing and they think that the plate will better illustrate the desired balance between fruits and vegetables, starches and meats. coming up on 9news now at noon, crime usually spikes in the summer. but prince george's county is taking on this trend head on. coming up next, i'll have a chance to talk to the state's attorney about crime in that county. stay with us.
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well, as the temperatures go up, some say so does crime. but this year, the prince george's county police department is taking some special measures in order to reverse that trend. for more on the crime-fighting approach, i'm very delighted to have as my special guest today, states attorney angela. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> what a delight. you know prince george's county is taking a very bad rap. you've had almost 50 homicides this year. and what special steps are you taking? >> well, the police department, chief mark mcgaw has been very effective this year as well as at the county executive baker and has announced an initiative, a summer initiative and this initiative involves five areas, five forecast areas, suitland, hillcrest
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heights, glassdale and langley park, areas that have been identified through data, nonfatal shootings, homicides and other areas as areas that the police should focus on in order to cause a decline in overall crime as well as to lift up these communities. >> so, specifically, what will they be doing? will you have special task forces? more police officers? >> it is a partnership and these are -- what we're doing in those areas, it is really having additional resources with police officers also the department of public works and transportation, the department of environmental resources, to target abandoned and foreclosed properties. my office as well will be prosecuting cases in those areas including violations of probation which we'll focus on in order to cause a decline in recidivism. >> you've been in office for almost six months. can you name some of the successors and what other goals do you have? >> you know what, so far what we've done is to focus on community prosecution. we've done so by assigning prosecutors to each of the six
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police districts to partner with community activists, to partner with the police department and to really get out and to study crime trends. so, our focus is being tough and smart on crime. we've been very successful in developing partnerships that have really been very helpful and that's been i think a real credit. what i want to say also is the crime is down. 11.8% this year, violent crime is down. overall crime is down 5.8% and the chief of police this morning said that represents 735 fewer victims even than last year where we had a 35- year low. so, crime is actually down in the county in spite of what we saw with the homicides. >> that's good news. before you leave, i know you've been very close to the former county executive jeff johnson. how is he doing? where is his case right now, do you know? >> there was a plea in the case a few weeks ago and i understand that there will be a sentence in the case in september and we'll all just
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have to wait and see how it all goes. >> well, we thank you again for being here. wish you much luck. you've got a tough job ahead but i know you can do it. come back and visit me again. >> thank you so much for having me. >> coming up on 9news now at noon, a deadly strain of e. coli is swep sweeping across europe. scientists do not know where it came from and they don't know how to stop it. anny? >> j.c., the cooldown continues but for how long? i've got your weekend forecast coming up but first, here is your allergy report. where we're still sneezing because the grass pollen is still high. mold is medium. we'll be back with your forecast after the break.
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>> we have a health alert for you this afternoon. a deadly e. coli strain is responsible for 18 deaths across europe and one scientist says that he's never seen this before. the world health organization says the bacteria appears to be a mutant form of two different strains. its characteristics make it particularly difficult to fight. officials still do not know
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exactly where this strain came from. nearly all of the victims, however, live either in germany or they were visiting germany. google is blaming a hacker from china for tapping into hundreds of personal e-mail accounts. a representative from the tech giant says that the account hijackings were a result of stolen passwords. google suspects that the hacker installed some hardware on the victim's computers to gain access to their personal information. even some top u.s. government officials are among the victims. we want to remind you that there is still time for you to sign up for this saturday's annual susan g. komen global race for the cure being held on the national mall. but you have to do it in person. late registration will be today and tomorrow at the hyatt regency hotel which is on new jersey avenue northwest. you can go between 11:00 a.m.
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and 6:00 p.m. 75% of the money that is raised helps to fund life saving breast cancer programs in the washington, d.c. area. if you would like more information, just go to our web site at by the way, after the race, we want you to join us because we're going to have a prime time special on all of the day's events. impact, make one will air on wusa 9 saturday evening, june 4th, beginning at 8:00 p.m. >> we're hoping that we have good weather saturday for that race. >> i think early in the day, we'll be in the 70s then we're warming back up over the weekend. it should be dry. no record breaking heat for the weekend. that's how we're going to look at it, j.c. in fact, can you feel the difference? >> oh, my goodness, can i ever? >> it feels nice compared to the muggy, humid conditions we've had the last few days. record breaking heat. we're actually going to get
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some relief over the next couple of days here thanks to a cold front coming through. let's take a look at the day planner for this thursday. it is also short week for a lot of folks. all right, by 1:00, lots of sunshine. by 3:00, mid 80. that's around the daytime high. you'll notice it is breezy out there. my hair has been flying all over the place. we have northwest winds at around 19 miles per hour. 18 during the afternoon. they'll continue through early evening. so, you know, definitely if you've got some of the patio furniture out there and some of the umbrellas, bring those down because it is going to be gusty throughout today. now, not humid today. it will be cooler at night. you'll feel that especially by tomorrow morning. friday looks fantastic. it is heating up over the weekend with the chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. right now, it is 83 in downtown. 79 in gaithersburg. manassas, 82 degrees. cumberland, 77 degrees. no 90s on this map as of now. our dew points, this is why it feels so much better outside.
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we're in the mid-40s for d.c. compared to some of these are actually 30 degrees higher yesterday, around this time. manassas around 46. winchester 46. so, much more comfortable, the air definitely not as juicy as it has been the last few days. here is a look at the national satellite radar picture where you see the middle of the country and the central plains seeing some stormy conditions still, some severe storm watches went through. now, in our area, we had some of our storms yesterday. but you can see we're much quieter now. the cold front has come through. we'll continue to cool down through tomorrow. your highs for today, generally right around mid-80s for d.c., andrews and gaithersburg. manassas around 87. martinsburg, 84. cumberland close to 80 degrees. we should be in the lower 80s. we'll still be several degrees above that. we can take this compared to the upper 90s we had yesterday. lows for tonight. this is where we'll notice a difference late tonight into
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tomorrow morning. upper 50s around d.c. 55 for leesburg. 54 in culpepper. 50 martinsburg. 49 in cumberland. you'll want a jacket for tomorrow morning. you'll definitely feel the difference. here is your next three days. breezy for today. high around mid-80s, lots of sun. no threat for showers or thunderstorms. on friday, looking nice. 82 degrees. we're still cool and through friday. then you can see we're going to warm back up over the weekend in the upper 80s for saturday. we do have a slight chance for some isolated thunderstorms saturday and sunday. but you can see warm through sunday in the upper 80s then monday looks pretty good. we're back into the lower 80s. things looking pretty good here. no record breaking heat the next several days. enjoy this little break that we've got. all right. i'm out here on the weather terrace where it is now time for our pet line here. you've got a little kitty here. >> she's a beautiful kitty. this is zina.
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she's a spayed female. she's looking for her forever home. >> she's 10. that's not super active. ok to be around children and older adults? >> she's very well -- well, she's a little active right now. she wants to know what's going on. but she's very well-adjusted. her former owner had to move to somewhere where she's not allowed to have pets at all which is too bad. what did you do to your nose little girl? what's the matter? >> she's good for all sorts of families. good thing about cats especially is they're not as high maintenance compared to dogs, right? >> usually, you would think that. we have a special promotion going on right now in collaboration with aspca and fresh step kitty litter that we're able to waive the fees on cat adoptions starting next monday through the rest of the month of june. the only fee someone would need to pay is the license fee.
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>> her name again? >> xena. >> if you're interested in taking xena home, go to for more information. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] there's a new ride coming to busch gardens williamsburg --
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. if you want to have a fabulous time on the eastern shore, i understand that you really want to go visit the hyatt regency chesapeake bay golf resort, spa and marina. and they have fabulous food! i would like for you to meet my special chef today, executive
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chef, tony breeze. i love that name. tony breeze. >> good afternoon. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, thank you. >> he's celebrating his ninth year today at the resort. it is about 90 minutes away from washington, d.c. so it is a great drive and when you get there, you're going to have a fabulous time and great food and tony is preparing figgs today for me. what kind of figs? >> brown figs. i'm serving them, poached in honey and they've been served with homemade ricotta cheese and crispy filo. >> i saw you using very thin pasta, wet, moist. very important. >> the cheese inside. >> these are the figs? >> i love, figs. >> we take the top off, quarter them. put them in the simmering honey. >> oh, ok.
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>> then we put the phyllo on the -- >> it smells so good, tony. >> i've got the figs, i've got some on the plate. we've got the figs and the honey. drizzle it over. >> oh, it is on top. >> yep, on top. see how light the phyllo is? >> yes, it is. >> this is one of the specialties in our restaurant menu. >> and it smells so good. >> just to give a slightly different touch to it, put a little bit of coarse sea salt. that counteracts the sweetness in the honey, brings out the flavor in the phyllo, brings out the flavor in the ricotta and in the figs. there is your finished dish. >> nine years you've been there. >> nine years today i started. we opened in august of 2002. so, i was there a couple of months before we started. >> it really is a fabulous -- you can do so many things.
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you have water sports. you have the spa. you can just lounge. >> 18 hole golf course. >> incredible recreational facilities. four restaurants. everything is opening up for this week. we're ready for the season! >> all right. we're talking about the hyatt regency chesapeake bay. right on route 50. just take route 50. ask for tony when you get there. he'll treat you well. >> i will. >> thank you for coming out. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day.
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